Sample Swatch - Light Blocker Marbled

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Quick Overview

This lining has a marble white styrene surface.  Foil is adhered to the backside of the styrene, creating a marbled look.  The foil blocks nearly all of the light from coming through the exterior covering of the lampshade. 

This is common when for situatons where light is preferred to comen out the top and bottom only of the shade, and not through the side of the shade.

Additonally, some like to use light blocking interiors with deep colors, such as black, or dark blue, or dark red.  The light blocking layer will preserve the color of the shade by preventing the light bulb from washing out the color.  Black shades remaing black whether the shade is lit or turned off.

The image shown is of a black linen exterior fabric with a rolled edge feature.  The exterior of your shade will differ in color or style, depending on the exterior covering you select.