Choosing the correct bulb is most always a challenge even for decorators until now…

Most always, when asked, a merchant or home improvement store employee will not ask your light bulb need and say LED" and sell you what you probably wont like.  Youll buy their recommendation and get home and not be happy with the bulb and in it goes to the hall closet with all the other light bulbs youve purchased in the past.  Right?  Ask yourself first, "what will this lamp, chandelier or sconce be used for, task, decorative or general lighting?  this all too important question is where finding your perfect light bulb begins...


There are 1,000s of lightbulbs on the market today especially with the advent of the LED (Light Emitting Diode) lights can be incandescent, fluorescent, optical fiber or LED.  Illume recognizes home especially lampshade lighting so we recommend either Incandescent or today’s LED.

Incandescent BulbLED Bulb

Bulb Type or Shape is very important...

Bulb Shape

Lumens and Watts the difference?

Lumens refers to the brightness of a lightbulb, whereas wattage refers to how much energy is required to power it.  One lumen is equal to one candle flame.  The higher the lumens, the brighter the bulb and the higher the wattage, the more energy is consumed.  LEDs require less watts no matter the lumens which equals lower wattage. 


Light Color or Kelvin Scale 

Ever visit a home and the lighting is bright and cold and not welcoming, almost hospital or department of motor vehicle office?  Here is where you can learn the difference and make magic happen all around you.  "Color Temperature” or K is measured on a scale called the Kelvin Scale.  A lower “K" number brings warmer, more gold or yellow light while the higher “K” number offers whiter, even blue or green light.  


Candle Light - 1000K - 2600K - Wonderful mood lighting, outdoor lanterns and patio lighting, entertaining rooms, bedrooms.  

Warm White - 2600K - 3000K - Most similar to incandescent light bulbs and a favorite for living rooms, libraries, dens, 

anywhere accenting color in fabrics and painted surfaces is desired. 

Cool White - 3000K - 5000K - Task Lighting.  Use carefully and effectively in garages, laundry spaces, basements and tool sheds.  


Here are proven winners for all your lighting needs.  If you still have questions, please call or write us.  We’ll be happy to enlighten.