Welcome to ILLUME New york

Here, like you, we have a passion for lampshades... Our NYC studio on East 58th Street offers hundreds of lampshades and a humble staff help you find the perfect lampshade for your heirloom lamp or your new find.  If your lamp is broken or needs modification, we can fix it on-site-same goes for chandeliers & sconces.  If you're not in New York City, we can still make it easy for you shop for a lampshade.  Our "Studio Collection" of ready made & made to order couture lampshades will inspire and enchant.  Our Ready Mades make it easy for you to find & replace and are moderately priced.  If we don't have the size or color, we can create it, most often in 2 weeks - 4 weeks.  In a hurry? We can create some shades within one week. 

Call, email or Come in, out of the darkness.  ~ Ronald Scinto, Owner


223 East 58th Street (between 3rd and 2nd Avenues)
New York, New York 10022


In these difficult times, why support China and their mass manufacturing?  Keep the art of sewing and hand-crafted alive in NYC and America.  "We're all in this together" is not just a feel-good tag line you hear nowadays, it's been our mantra for 26 years.