Welcome to illumenyc...

To our dear friends and collegues, we had to close our 58th Street showroom and workshop July 31st.  It was a hard decision to face but the the situation we were met with was beyond our control.  We are planning now a new store, larger than before and we'll be able to expand our offerings and be more on our game for the "new normal."

What we can offer now is our website that we consider our Shangri-La emporium for the 21st century.  We will still specialize in high-quality, ready-made and custom lampshades only now we can offer the service on-line or through video chat or FaceTime.  Need a quote or an answer to a question, our phone number is still the same.  You can reach Ron on his email ronald@illumenyc.com

Until our new studio is fully open, Luca and our lamp and chandelier repair service is limited.  His service will be by appointment only.  Please email him on or around Aug 15th as he and his family are taking a well-deserved vacation.  luca@illumenyc.com

We look forward to reopening and saying hello again.  It's been our pleasure to be a part of the design district for 10 years and we are making arrangements to stay another 10 years.  

We will see you soon, Ron

Illume lampshade NYC NY 212-308-1400 sales@illumenyc.com

In these difficult times, why support China and their mass manufacturing?  Keep the art of sewing and hand-crafted alive in NYC and America.  "We're all in this together" is not just a feel-good tag line you hear nowadays, it's been our mantra for 26 years.