Please allow me to introduce myself.

My name is Ron Louis, and I opened my studio doors in New York City in 2010…I call it illumé, for its my  “Shangri-la”.., a reflection of the magic I love to create for those who appreciate and can recognize style, quality and value.  I’ve been an antiques dealer and a lampshade and lamp-lover for more than 26 years.  My illumé flagship store is located in the heart of New York City’s Decorator and Design District at 215 East 58th Street.  Illumé, part custom lampshade boutique and studio, part full service lamp and chandelier repair shop, part 'cabinet of curiosity' with antique furnishings, illumé is a special source known for its unique selection of hand-made hard and soft lampshades, decorative arts and home accessories, curated from across the globe by myself. Here and on-line, you will find everything from fine furnishings and period accent pieces, to rich heirloom quality, one-of-a-kind objects of art… I have never been concerned with pedigree or provenance, and feel that if the object is fine and well made, no matter how old or new, it will find a loving home with any client.  

My illumé brand has become synonymous as a global destination for bespoke & custom lampshades.  Never catalog or imported from a "faraway land" where mediocrity is manufactured for the masses, each illumé lampshade is designed by me, and created in NYC, or my workrooms, by my team of artisans who have mastered, and preserve the old world skill of individually hand crafting, one at a time, not just a one dimensional shade, but one that creates an aura thru light, and reflection.  I don’t think that a lampshade should be 'just a shade' that just tops a lamp and covers the bulb…no, a lampshade shade should add exoticism to complement the character of the lamp, while creating the right amount of light and color to emanate from the pleats or folds of the fabric that cover the frame, to create a shade that has now come to life thru light and color and gives the room a newly found mystique!  I love nothing better than working with a designer's fabric choice, or finding exquisite antique or hand woven texiles, and creating the unique, the extraordinary, the never seen!  An heirloom for today!  illumé is my magic place, so open your heart and mind to thinking outside the box, to create, a not stale photoshoot interior, but a home for you, your family and your friends.  A place to gather and reflect under the light of an illumé lampshade.