Top Ring Washer

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A Washer fitter (also know as a Spider) is the most common fitter. Most large shades have washer fitters. If your lamp has a harp, then you will need a washer fitter. The harp consists of 2 metal posts (known as a HARP) connected to the base of the light socket. These posts run next to the bulb up through the washer fitter atop the bulb and is fastened by a finial which screws on to the top. Some washers are slotted, which means they have a cut-out slot which slips over the electrical cord of your lamp. Slotted washers are common for lighting suspended from a ceiling electrical cable (also known as pendant lighting). The inner-dimension of a washer fitter measures 1/2".

Another variation on the Washer fitter is the Reflector Bend fitter. If your lamp shade rests upon a glass bowl with an 8" diameter, then you most likely require a Washer Fitter with a Reflector Bend. A Reflector Bend is nothing more than spoke wires with a small teepee bend on each spoke. This will prevent your shade from slipping off the glass bowl. If you require the reflector bend, please be sure to note that information in the comments section when placing your order.

To measure the attachment drop on a washer attachment fitter: turn the lamp shade upside down on a table top. Measure the distance straight up and down from the table top to the center of the washer fitter hardware.

You may order this item as a ring (without ordering a shade). To do so, simply configure the options and add the item to your cart.