5.5 inch Round Unfinished Wood Canopy Escutcheon Hardware Kit

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Have you reccently purchased a pendant shade or a rattan fixture from Europe only to discover it does not come with a wire assembly or fitter to electrify it?  We have your need covered... 5.5 inches.  Unfinished, round and hollowed out beech wood canopy comes with a mounting hardware kit and a black cord bushing for twisted pair and SVT-2 braided lamp cord.  You can keep it natural or paint it!

Canopy is 1-1/4" tall X 5-3/8" diameter, 1/8IP Slip center hole, canopy is hollowed out to 1/4" thickness, hardware kit includes crossbar and mounting hardware.  The screws that hold it to the ceiling screw into the sides so it looks more finished.