Illume's New Website is up and reaching out

Dear Friends,

it is my hope that my very first "blog" finds you safe, healthy and happy.  As we all reflect on what we've learned about ourselves and our world, these past many weeks is miraculous.  Our world changed March 20th, and I as a small business owner needed now to meet some great challenges, both in my business and personally.  My staff depended on me to shine a light and clear a path as I have during previous economic catastrophes in 2001 and 2007 thru 2008.  But this one was different.  My city was now closed, my livelihood, the same.  I was now hidden behind a mask which (thankfully) concealed my stress, my anger, my frustration, and most of all my anxiety and fear.  I had my moments, my ups and my downs as I read about the deaths across my city and my country.  What could I do?  I have a few talents and one is to make lampshades.  Lampshades make me happy.  Lampshades are bright and clean and colorful.   I began a crusade to reinvent illume and finally use the stay-at-home time to develop what long needed to be done, -a website that opened my offerings beyond NYC.  I surrounded myself with the most talented people I could afford.   I had the encouragement of my friends and collegues and customers..., and voila!  After so many weeks, I can no longer blame the length of my string and the two cans, illume is now world-wide.  Exciting huh?

So today, I still am behind a mask but underneath, if you could see, there is a small smile and hope that "it can't rain forever" -my very good and work husband Luca offered these words of encouragement.  I welcome you to "come out of the darkness" with me and look toward the future and know happy days will prevail.  I welcome you to  Much love and all my best wishes... Ron 

P.S.   Something's Coming - a new location.... exciting news coming very soon.  

Ronald Scinto